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Welcome to Soccer Down Here! We're live for two hours Monday-Friday from 9-11am, you can listen live here or at Spreaker. Join us to hear the latest about soccer across the South!

-Jarrett, Jason, Jon, & Nick

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June 25, 2019


Once we have our conferences established, what competitive structure should we implement? Do we want to keep playoffs? If so, how many teams do we allow into the playoff bracket? Speaking of playoff brackets, should we have two-leg or single-leg competition, and how long should the playoffs take?

ANSWER:     Split season similar to Liga MX, but modified.
ANSWER:     Yes, keep playoffs, and allow 16 teams to compete.

ANSWER:     Two-leg competition, with exception to the Final....

June 18, 2019

Of all the ESPN 30 for 30’s that could be made about American sports leagues, I think Major League Soccer would probably rank highest in the “feel good story” and the “most interesting” categories. Major League Soccer began play in 1996 with a meager 10 clubs, and a group of cautiously optimistic owners who recognized the perilous nature of investing in soccer in America. The NASL’s meteoric rise and collapse just twelve years earlier was still a fresh reminder that perhaps America wasn’t ready for soccer. The staying-...

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