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Biscuits N' Gravy, Sunday Brunch: May 3

Beautiful weather here in Atlanta, but really missing live soccer. I should be at Mercedes-Benz Stadium right now, preparing for a Sunday afternoon match between Atlanta United and Real Salt Lake. I love those afternoon matches, they are by far my favorite. Once we finish the Full Time Report on radio, there's usually time to get to the pub or get home to watch other matches from around the league. We'll get back there, we just have to try to have patience... Some Sunday reading for you:

* Jonathan Wilson writes in the Guardian: "But in the background there is a crucial, nagging voice, and what it is saying is this: if football isn’t prepared to return, at least initially, in a form very different to the one it took before the virus, it may not return for a very long time – and for many clubs that means never."

* UCLA Law professor Steven Bank with a thread on his opinion why the judge ruled to deny the US Women's National Team's claim about wage discrimination.

Song of the day:

James Brown was born on this day in 1933 in Barnwell, South Carolina. He grew up in Augusta, Georgia. This is possibly the most famous of his 17 #1 hits on the Billboard R&B charts.

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