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#Soccer4Good Mask

Thanks to our friends at Diehard Custom, we're launching a new piece of SDH gear for a cause. Check out the new SDH Guard:

It can be used as a face mask, among other things that we'll hopefully be able to use them for in the future. It's 100% Micro-Fiber and measures 19.5" x 9.84".

When the product line came up at Diehard, we wanted to create something that might be useful, but also something that we could donate to those who need it. For every SDH Guard that you purchase, we will donate one to Soccer in the Streets to be donated to a youth participant or family member who needs it. Presales are underway now. They are $20 (including shipping costs) and will be shipped as soon as we receive them. We'll make as many as we can once we complete the presale. We take money via PayPal and you can order via email (soccerdownhere at gmail dot com) or direct message. Thanks for supporting Soccer in the Streets and thanks for spreading the word about SDH!

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