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The Hat Trick, Dec. 29: Lorenzo Insigne, Thomas Tuchel, and Barcelona

Welcome to today's Hat Trick of topics that we'll get into on today's SDH. Check it out live at 9am on Twitch or on-demand in both audio & video forms later.

  • Fabrizio Romano and the rest of the world are discussing the possibility of Lorenzo Insigne joining Toronto FC after his Napoli contract runs out this summer.

  • Thomas Tuchel is continuing to speak common sense about the Premier League's lack of changes to promote player safety. He was featured today in the Guardian with his thoughts on substitution rules.

  • Barcelona are now contending with a Covid outbreak and Xavi will have some difficult decisions to make in field a team this weekend as La Liga returns to action.

Song of the Day:

Dexter Holland of The Offspring was born on this day in 1965. He took a break from his PhD research in molecular biology as his band took off in the mid-90's.

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