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Bienvenido Marcelino!

Marcelino Moreno is expected to make his Atlanta United debut this weekend. With the fans unable to welcome him in person, we wanted to do something special to welcome him to town. Along with our friends at Diehard Custom, we created this scarf. It's available for $25. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Escuela de Futbol Marcelino Moreno at Atlético Palmira in Mendoza, Argentina. After first playing with his grandfather's club, Marcelino made the move to Palmira at a young age. Members helped Marcelino with the initial registration fee and the club even sent trainers to Marcelino's neighborhood to work with him and his friends when he was unable to make the long trip to the club for training. He debuted for the club's first team at 14 years old and stayed until his move to Lanús when he turned 17.

At Lanús, he eventually broke through after Miguel Almirón came to Atlanta. Palmira renamed their soccer school for 4-8 year olds after Marcelino in 2018 and he has visited when he has been home and made donations to provide opportunities to the kids.

Marcelino's transfer to Atlanta will see Palmira receive a vital solidarity payment for their role in the early stages of his career. For a small club that has not been able to operate normally due to the coronavirus pandemic, the funds will be critical to its survival. We wanted to help them, help the kids of the soccer school, and honor Marcelino and welcome him to Atlanta by donating all of the proceeds from this scarf to the club and their soccer school.

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