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Biscuits N' Gravy, May 10: Sunday Brunch

Some Sunday reading for you:

* Inverness Caledonian Thistle F.C. of Scotland's second tier has issued a statement ahead of Tuesday's vote on an independent investigation of the SPFL's actions: "Tuesday will bring forward the next stage of this process when all 42 clubs will vote again, this time on a straight forward resolution re an independent investigation with perhaps the last opportunity to discover how and why things went so badly wrong from the beginning and who was responsible but please be assured that ICTFC will move forward regardless of how that vote goes. One thing is certain, with regards to the governance and leadership of the SPFL, we all deserve better."

* David L'Heureux and Austin Lindberg ask at ESPN in regards to MLS: "There are multiple scenarios to get players back in training and eventually resume competitive matches, but how will things look when the league returns?"

* Alex Crook & Neil Moxley write at the Mirror that the six clubs in the Premier League opposing neutral venues will change their minds if relegation is taken off the table for this season.

Song of the Day:

The father of rock & roll Little Richard passed away yesterday. He inspired everything that came along after him. Rock music would not be what it is without Little Richard popularizing and creating the template.

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